Nightbot not joining channel

Hi there, it seems that nightbot just suddenly decided to leave my Twitch channel in the middle of a livestream.
I’ve tried parting nightbot and rejoining the channel multiple times without success, as well as trying to unignore it if something like that was causing the problem with no success. wat do

I can attest to nightbot not working, it seems to be taking song requests but it’s not functioning in chat

I can confirm nightbot is not working, it is not connecting to 5 channels i mod, nor to my own

Aight, good to know I’m not the only one

join/part got this reply


kinda strange

Same issue. Have tried parting the channel then full log out/log in then joining again … no luck

he just joined my channel. it is still able to read commands but he doesn’t trigger

Nightbot is currently having some issues connecting to twitch chat, you can keep an eye out on twitter for updates.

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