Nightbot not deleting messages on Discord

On my discord, there are a few different roles. The main role is “Admins.” Beneath that are a few additional roles with lesser permissions.

When I put Nightbot in the Admin category, it deletes messages no problem. However, if I put it in another category (even with the same permissions), it will not delete the messages (only give the warning).

What’s the reasoning for this? I want to find a way to have nightbot delete messages without being in the “admin” list.

Any advice?

I am not a expert but what i can see is there in server settings, under roles option -> Nightbot has 2 different permissions like this -:

  1. Administrator permission (This helps it to bypass channels specific permission)
    Turn it off, its dangerous.
  2. Manage Messages (This helps nb to delete messages)
    Turn this on.

If you have the settings set to the described way then I dont know why Nightbot is not deleting messages. Just check that under spam protection (nb dashboard) you have set the Exempt Userlevel to Owner or Moderator. Also, nightbot first warns user for spamming before banning.
Like if you spam emojis -> you will get warning
If you again spam emojis (in noticeable period of time) -> Nightbot puts user in timeout (Not permanent ban tho)

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