Nightbot not autosyncing on Discord

So i recently started streaming around 4 days ago and am still setting up my discord!
I saw that nightbot has the ability to autosync regulars and mods. Since that didnt work for me i looked it up, gave the Nightbot role Admin, am sure that i hit “update” and made sure that the Nightbot role is higher than the role its supposed to assign.

However it still doesnt assign the roles to people. I even made sure the ppl on my discord have twitch connected to their discord.
Its even doing the opposite, somehow, removing roles from followers…

I cant find any solution to fixxing this so any help would be appreciated!

Nightbot syncs roles assigned in the control panel every 15 minutes, and only for users that are active in chat within those past 15 minutes. Make sure Nightbot’s role is higher in the Discord roles list than the other roles you are trying to sync (it defaults to the bottom).

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