Nightbot News Updates

I believe it would be a good thing to have a news page along with current status bar with the status being updated when the bot is undergoing issues.

just a thought,
the reason i bring this up now is, I am mod in more than one channel. Bot goes down i switch tab to see if its a isolated issue…

when i realised that it was all the channels i came to the forums to find info. on what is going on.

i did not find any thing, i am looking in the wrong place? the site is not that big i do not think i missed it.

Well i would just like to take this time to say i love how night bot has evolved. the new functions are great. one thing that was a bit of a downer was the !addcom ,!editcom, !delcom are now replaced with a longer command…lets pause.

I think thats dumb. unless im missing something, was it not faster before ?

Night is posting pretty quickly when there is problems on Nightbot. You just have to follow his Twitter account

that’s all well and good, for those who use social media, but i sadly do not. i have a face book, but only use it for talking to family. and making free calls via the internet.

even a pined topic in the nightbot forums would work. with updates so we do not feel left in the dark.

we relay heavily on nightbot, and love what it enables us mods to achieve in the chat.

Thanks to all who work on night bot. you make mod life way…WAY easier. THANK YOU!

Any and all news gets posted primarily to Twitter:

As for the changing of commands, it makes sense to group commands by function. Having multiple different commands for the same group of options is confusing.

thanks for your response, and thank you for what your doing.
its a great thing nightbot. and with the manger feature it just made moding all that much easier


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