Nightbot multiple user response question

Hi there, I’m new to nightbot programming and I have this idea to add a butler bot in my streams. I want nightbot to be prompted with a command like !butler and it would reply something like “Yes, what can I bring you master (user_name).” and the user can reply again with “wine”. and the bot will reply with “i shall bring you the finest (user_response).” is that possible?. if it is possible can someone direct me a link to explain what variables I would have to use?

Thank you,

I laid out how the response would look like:

butler: what can I bring you master (user_name)
user1: vodka
butler: right away, I shall bring you the finest vodka

No nightbot doesn’t store data on what commands have been used really and it wouldn’t be able to tell who or when the the command was used. This may be possible with use of other resources but as for just with nightbot no it’s not currently possible.

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