Nightbot moderates other bots in discord

Hey Team,

So I tried the Discord Bot version and stumbled upon a funny… Feature…

So basically Nightbot is deleting other Bots and Webhooks links, pictures etc when they post them. Obviously the said bots are supposed to do that but only in the bot-spam channel.

Is there anyway to disable Nightbot for certain channels on discord? Or even to ignore bots at all? I wasn’t able to find something regarding that.
For obvious reasons I don’t want to give to every bot moderator privileges just for the sake of Nightbot to ignore them



1: Make sure Nightbot doesn’t have admin permissions.
2: Go into the settings for whichever text channel you don’t want Nightbot to be filtering messages in (#bot-spam)
3: Add a user-specific permissions list for Nightbot.
4: Disable “Read Messages”.
5: Click “Save Changes”.

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Thanks that worked! What I did forgot is that now Users are able to Spam or Post links in that Channel…

So is there anyway to whitelist Bots?

This should work if you have all of your Discord bots grouped under one bot role and ranked higher than your other user roles.

1: Go to and view the settings for the link filter. Take note of the exempt userlevel.
2: Go to and view the settings for your Discord server.
3: Set the server role of your Discord bots to whatever the link filter’s exempt userlevel is.

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