Nightbot missing in the chat logs

Is there a way to go through what Nightbot says and does in the chat logs? I can see everybody but Nightbot.

Just curious, why? The only things nightbot says are timers and commands. Nightbot’s moderator actions are not logged but are planned to be shown on the dashboard

Okay, this is gonna sound dumb, but Nightbot has been regularly posting something in my stream and I can’t figure out what it is. I don’t know if it’s being triggered somehow or if it’s a timer. I’ve looked though all my commands and I can’t figure out what the hell. I haven’t been able to screenshot it, and so I wanted to be able to look back in my chat logs to find it.

Also, I think if chat logs are going to be a thing, the entirety of chat should be logged.

You can check your channel timers at

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