Nightbot Manager

Morning/Afternoon support team.

I was hoping if someone is able to help me as i am a manager of someone elses nightbot and i would like to remove myself as their manager as they no longer stream anymore at all and i am unable to get in contact with them anymore due to personal reasons and I would like to remove myself as their manager on nightbot so i dont see their name on the management list anymore and i understand that they can do it but i am no longer speaking with them anymore smd i was hoping who do i contact to do this and remove myself as their manager or how i am able to do this?

Hope someone can help me as soon as possible
(Sorry that it dosent make any sense)

Many thanks

Hey please email support with the channel you would like to be removed from. You can find the forum to fill this out here on the NightDev website. You should put it under Account support I believe. They should be able to remove your manager role from said channel within a few days at most.

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