Nightbot laggy on YouTube

Is anyone else experiencing lag on Nightbot commands on YouTube? The commands are not working properly on the YT chat. Sometimes the same command has to be posted 4 or 5 times until it works but other commands work in the same second as it’s posted. Today Nightbot is very laggy, it’s taking almost 2 minutes to post a command and also the spam protection is laggy… for example, he was supposed to delete messages with more than 15 CAPS but he takes more than 2 minutes to delete them… I don’t know if it’s a YouTube bug or what.

It actually isn’t that the command needs to be reposted, but rather that the nature of YouTube live chat is “laggy” in general. It’s polling based, which means Nightbot must pull messages from YouTube occasionally to see new messages to act on. At peak hours polling all chats averages around 8 seconds, which means you should see a response from Nightbot in around 10-15 seconds after posting a command. Additionally, for large streams where there are many messages happening at once, Nightbot must poll multiple times to retrieve all the messages over the request limit (which can tack on significant delay, minutes possibly).

Anyways, this is a flawed API design on YouTube’s behalf. There’s been an open feature request to make a way to push messages, which has largely gone dead: If they ever improve their API it’s possible things can improve for Nightbot too.

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