Nightbot Keeps Removing Role from Discord User

I have “Role Syncing” enabled for Nightbot and my Discord Server.


There’s one user, however, that is a “VIP” in my Twitch chat that Nightbot keeps removing the “VIP” role from in the Discord Server, even after mods reapply the role. Nightbot does not seem to be removing the “VIP” roles from other members.


The user must have her Twitch account synced to Discord, because she has the “Twitch Subscriber” role and the “Regular” role in the Discord Server. She is a “VIP” in the Twitch chat. This user recently changed her username. Could that be the issue?

That is really bizarre. Role syncing works by pulling the Twitch connection from the user on Discord and the VIPs from your chat via Twitch’s API, and it goes through and compares them. If I had to guess, either Twitch is not returning this user or they do not have their account linked on Discord. It might be the latter, so I would recommend they relink their Twitch to Discord.

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Relinking the Twitch and Discord accounts seemed to have fixed the issue.


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