Nightbot just allowed 100 chats in a row. User broke out of being timed out over and over

I had a horrible experience on YouTube. The same day I installed nightbot I was attacked. I know it is a coincidence, I do not think this was nightbot (obviously), however I had set users to be timed out for posting all caps and repeated spam, and nightbot SAID it was timing them out, but instead they were immediately back chatting same thing.

Eventually, that user went away and another saying the same comments character for character was there.

We tried to hide the users but these attacking accounts seemed impervious to being hidden and kept going.

I shut down the stream, took nightbot down to its minimum for repetition (20) and we had little problems.

Youtube support (I get live support based on my channel size) said they was nothing they could do about this, and perhaps nightbot was conflicting somehow.

I am really curious if this is just a bot attack YouTube has no answer for, or if nightbot was having some sort of conflict.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

The repetition filter works per message if they were to say “h h h h h” for example. What your looking for (multiple repeated messages) isn’t offered with nightbot.

I understand, was under the impression it was a spambot.
to stop spam.
Like repeated messages? But perhaps it is something twitch folks deal with, the example you give.

Hey @justanotheruser!

On Twitch there’s a special chat mode to deal with that issue, hence why Nightbot doesn’t have this type of filter, and also because it’d require too much resources.

Also, the spam-bots attack isn’t linked to Nightbot in any way, YouTube suggesting that it has some sort of conflict is their way to deflect the blame on something else other than their terrible chat service.

Your only option is to ban the spammers accounts, but that won’t do much as they usually have many other accounts ready to spam.

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