Nightbot joins youtube stream briefly and dissoconnects

I have to keep him joinginng, and he is already a mod, i delete his mod status then redo it, he doesnt stay on my channel.

Your stream must be live and public in order for Nightbot to stay connected to your stream.

My stream is live and public, peple are finding my stream

What is your YouTube channel ID?

if you need access to the account you can have it. Ill pm it you, just let me know

The logs do not show anything really of value. I tweaked some of the internals around auto-leaving upon error, but make sure your stream is not set to unlisted or private.

I checked is public. so maybe delete my account and I start anew?
something is wrong with the acccount

It still disconnets also

The only logs I see of it is that it is joining and then leaving. This generally means it is not a moderator or is banned, so it leaves when it gets a “forbidden” error. Add Nightbot as a moderator at and make sure it is not in the list of hidden users.

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