Nightbot joined but not working. (offline Twitch channel)

Hi there. I’m relatively new to Nightbot. Got it to work in my live channel before, but I thought it was supposed to work in an offline channel as well. I got it to join but !commands won’t work, nor will any other command. I want to test commands off stream. Nightbot is modded and I did confirm that it was in my channel, so I don’t know what’s wrong. All help appreciated.

  • Zev747

EDIT: edited to clarify that I’m on Twitch not Youtube

If you’re using YouTube Gaming your stream has to live. The more active the chat, the sooner Nightbot receives messages due to Youtube Gaming’s chat limitations.

If you’re using Twitch, Nightbot will work at all times.

It is also noting that spamming the join/leave button will only postpone Nightbot joining for both services.

Thanks for your reply. I should clarify that I’m using Twitch. I checked to make sure I don’t have Nightbot ignored as well. Not sure what’s up with it right now.

Hey, I got it to work by refreshing. Feel free to close this thread.

For future reference, Nightbot may not be “joined” to your chat in the sense that it is always around to respond. If it’s ever not there and there is chat activity, however, it will automatically join within 30 seconds on its own. It’s very inefficient to keep Nightbot persisting to inactive chats.

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