Nightbot isn't working. Help?

Hello there! I am a mod/editor in a streamers (Drianoma) twitch chat. Lately something has been happening with his nightbot and i can’t add commands or change title/game etc. We have no idea on how to fix it or what’s the source of the problem. Can anybody please help with the problem? Any kind of help would be appreciated!

Is this happening only to you, or all the mods in his chat?

Check to make sure that the !commands, !title and !game commands are enabled in the default commands.

I can’t really tell you cuz i’m the only active mod there but i can tell you that It’s not working for the broadcaster aswell

That’s because the broadcaster disabled the commands. They can re-enable them at

They are enabled. Aaand this is random stuff cuz it need to be 20 characters long xd

If they were enabled I wouldn’t say they weren’t enabled…

Hey NightDev, just notice my mistake on disabling the commands and corrected myself! THANK YOU. However, the commands are still not working… It’s probably me being stupid again. lol xD

**NEW UPDATE: So all I had to do was wait a week and nightbot would eventually fix itself back… :slight_smile: lots of love to NightDev Developer who has to deal with idiots like us.

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