Nightbot isnt working after first youtube stream event

Hey everyone,
So I have Nightbot as a moderator for my youtube live streams and it DID work for the first stream perfectly so I know i originally set it up correctly but after the first stream event Nightbot is no longer active on my channel. He is still in my moderator list, but he doesnt respond to commands or say his timed responses. I also checked the Nightbot dashboard and it seems he hasnt been gathering any data since the first stream. I remember reading somewhere that when you schedule a live event you have to re-add Nightbot or something like that, not sure. Anyways I have a huge stream coming up and would really appreciate having Nightbot working for that.

If Nightbot isn’t responding or logging chat then he isn’t in your channel.

Parting nightbot from the channel then re-inviting it fixes the issue. Have you tried having nightbot leave and then come back? This can be done through the main page of the dashboard.

Simply click on the red “Part Channel” button in the top right (as shown below), then click the “Join Channel” button that appears in it’s place (see image).

Yeah ive tried parting the channel which didnt effect anything, so i then tried parting the channel and removing him from the moderator list, then re-add him and still no effect

Nightbot being modded isn’t relavant to if it can respond in chat. Make sure that you’re logged in with the correct YouTube gaming account in order to add it to your channel.

I ended up getting working by going live and parting the channel, i did that before but either way it works now. Thanks everyone!

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