Nightbot isn't joining channel


I was livestreaming today and nightbot didn’t join my YouTube channel. On Dashbord I have button to Part channel, so Nightbot is connected with channel. Why it is not joining chat?


You have a have a somewhat active chat in order for Nightbot to join. This is just a YouTube limitation that we cannot get around.

How to do this? I’ve tried to give bot some commands, but no response

Im having the same issue

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Ensure your streams are public and that Nightbot is a mod and not banned.

They are public and nighbot is mod

I tweaked some configuration that may have led to the chance that some channels would not be polled properly. Polling error rates seem to have decreased. If you continue having issues, post your YouTube channel ID or Nightbot user ID and we can investigate with the help of our logs.

Whenever I use a !command or see other using it, there is no any command show up. Other viewers use the command normally. But I enter chat room when I am as a guest(log out), the command can use and show.
I’m just a viewer of twitch, every channel I watch has same problem…

It’s not working. My nightbot user id: 588c95b29b13bb32607c9379

That means you ignored Nightbot… Type “/unignore Nightbot” in chat to unignore it.

That user ID is linked to a Google account without a YouTube channel. Ensure you’re signing into the proper account when logging into the control panel.

Oh, my bad :smiley: Thank you for help