Nightbot isn't filtering chat properly

I’ve set up blacklisted words to keep out of my chat but that seems to have stopped working. Mainly curse words I try blocking and nightbot is not stopping it

On what platform are you experiencing issues? If it’s on Twitch or YouTube, then making the bot a moderator gives it sufficient permission. If on Discord, the bot must have Manage Messages permission.

It’s on twitch and nightbot is a mod. Link filtering works fine and the blacklisted words used to work but didn’t seem to catch any thing last stream

Are messages with your blacklisted keywords getting through? Twitch has its own spam filtering called “AutoMod”, which does conflict with Nightbot as messages are blocked before Nightbot can see/act on them.

I have twitchs auto mod off and yeah the words were left unfiltered in chat

Then you would need to post specific examples showing items on your blacklist mixed with messages that are posted that Nightbot doesn’t remove so that we can investigate.

Did a command in chat to check if night bot was there

I just tried two of your blacklisted words in your chat and it is operating normally.

Wasn’t working that day I posted but must have just been a hiccup. Thanks for looking into this.

Btw, I should point out that blacklisting “anal” and “ass” with the asterisk (*) like you did, will also blacklist words such as “analysis” or “association”, read the text under the blacklisted words list to understand how it works.

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