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Nightbot is timing out invited Community News bots

I have a couple of community news bots I have invited (via the follow option) to post news in our discord. Every so often, the game developer or community news Discord will post news, patches, updates, etc in the channel I specify. The problem is, Nightbot keeps timing them out in that channel.

I cannot create a role for the bot, since the bot is not officially a member of the server. To be honest, I am NOT a bot expert, and my admin has suggested removing the admin role from Nightbot, and then giving the bot limited permissions. Is that my only option?

How can I stop Nightbot from timing out bots I have invited to post in my server-news channel?

Anyone have a solution, or suggestions for this issue? I can’t seem to allow game news in any channel because Nightbot is timing out the other bots when they link the news or updates.