Nightbot is timing for using regular words on on my YouTube Account

How do I fix Nightbot to only block out bad words? Nightbot is timing new possible Subscribers out of my Channel for regular words like Hi and asking for my 3DS or Switch Friend Codes. How can I get Nightbot to do it’s job and only time people out for in needed Words or Phrases only during my Livestreams? What Setting or Settings do I need to adjust for Nightbot to not over do things unless it comes to the Stuff that Personally setup for Nightbot to do?

Nightbot only times out words that it has been told to time out, you can see the blacklisted phrases on the dashboard: check the settings and set them how you want them to be set.

Well see that’s the issue Slikrick, I don’t have any regular nice words blocked, blacklisted from my Stream and Nightbot was still timing people out for them. Some newer sub said hi on my Stream’s Chatbox and Nightbot timed the user out for it too. Example 2, they asked if I had a 3DS Handheld and again Nightbot overstepped his permissions on that and there wasn’t any bad words or phrases in the chats either too. What do I need to fix in that to get Nightbot to only do it’s job with Spam only?

Nightbot only knows what to timeout based on the words on the spam protections page. It doesn’t do anything else. It sounds like you either have something setup incorrectly or some other mods timing messing with the chat.

Let’s test it out for a second then Slickrick go to my YouTube Live Chat here and just say any nice words like Hi or something a normal person would say and help me figure this out please.

I might have fixed it now we will see. If I need anymore help, I will let you all know, thanks again Slickrick for your replies while I tried to figure this out on the Nightbot Community topic I made asking for the help I needed.

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