NightBot is leaving the channel randomly

Hi guys,

NightBot is listed as a moderator on my channel for a long time now and has been working fine.

For the past week, NightBot has is leaving my live stream randomly and I had to go to Dashboard and ask it to join again. This behavior recurs every few hours.

Can you please advise?

Many thanks!

Is this on twitch or youtube? What is your twitch username/youtube channel? Does nightbot still log messages in the event that it leaves?

Thanks for your reply.

It’s on YouTube (

It does log messages in the event that it leaves.

As of writing this reply, the NightBot didn’t leave the channel for past 12 hours.

Nightbot was running out of its YouTube API quota daily until a couple days ago (when we were given more), which caused it to leave channels. This is probably related to that happening.


Thank you, I suppose that was the cause.

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