Nightbot in youtube is dead?

nightbot dead in youtube?nothin is working more

yea night bot isnt working on my youtube either
im streaming on ps4 doesnt seem to be working

This is extremely frustrating. It’s not working on my youtube either. My youtube is VERY nightbot heavy, and relys on nightbot, or else the streams are literally not going to happen. I do Mario maker Viewer Levels, which REQUIRES nightbot to work, or else no levels can be added, therefor no levels can be played because nothing is working. Please fix this asap. there’s NO reason something as big as nightbot should be having this large of a problem.

If you need to know, I have parted and joined multiple times, and am doing it literally RIGHT NOW , and it doesn’t do anything at all.

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This is resolved now.

Why cannot I login on my YouTube Account?!?!?
And can I do night-bot on PS4 streaming?

I’m not sure. Without an error message we can’t really help you.

Nightbot is not tied to your broadcast software, so it can be used on every stream.

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