Nightbot in Discord Threads

Does anyone know how to get Nightbot to work in Discord Threads?

If I @ Nightbot in the thread, it appears but it doesn’t respond to any commands. Other bots do respond to commands once they’ve been mentioned in a thread.

Apparently it won’t work for bots unless they’re updated to API v9 - does anyone know how to do this?


Hey @Trinity!

Indeed, as Threads were introduced in a later version of the Discord API, Nightbot doesn’t know how to interact with them.
It is to be noted that Nightbot isn’t made to be a Discord bot in the first place, its most important feature on Discord is to sync roles, the rest are the cherries on top.
Nightbot may be updated on Discord in the future, but if it is, it’ll take some time as the dev is quite busy and has no incentive to add more features to it, since the bot already benefits from the API exceptions it needs to sync roles, and that it doesn’t claim to be a Discord bot.

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