Nightbot has stopped working

Nightbot is not working on our channel today. It have had it leave and rejoin the channel but nothing. It is collecting the chat log but the timer feature is not doing anything.

Is nightbot responding to commands? Is it possible your line requirements are not being met for the timer? There was a period of time earlier where nightbot was having an issue, see this thread: My Nightbot does not work. HElp pls

Is it possible you were experiencing issues around that time?

I learned that my spam filter is working properly. It just seems to be the timer. I deleted it and recreated it and set it to the minimum chat and even with my chat being very active right now it isn’t ever posting.

Any other idea? I’ve tried deleting the timers and recreating them and that didn’t help. I’m not sure what else to try.

The chat logging is working, the spam filter is working, but the timer is not.

A little more info after testing. It seems it doesn’t like the URL I had in there. It was going to Is that a problem? Does Youtube not like outside URLs?

I think I sorted this out. It looks like there is a character limit and I went over it. I shortened the message and it is now working.

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