Nightbot has stopped working on my YT channel

None of my custom commands are working and I can’t even get a response out of nightbot on my channel. I have tried un-modding and re-modding nightbot. parted the channel, rejoined the channel but still no response.

If Nightbot isn’t working, then you should make sure it’s modded in your YouTube live chat and that you have not banned it from your chat. It is worth noting that for offline channels, Nightbot will only join when you manually join it. It will only automatically join chats when you’re live otherwise.

I"m live right now. Nightbot is a Moderator in my channel, I have parted the channel and rejoined. i haven’t banned nightbot that I’m aware of. All my custom commands were working fine up until today. No response from nightbot whatsoever when i type my custom commands. I dont know if i banned nightbot but if I did then how do I unban?

doesnt work anymore. was working fine. nothing now. very unhappy

I feel like it’s frequently kind of unresponsive / slow on YouTube.
It might have to do with the YouTube specific problems though.

Perhaps YouTube was having errors around this time, but I cannot really be sure as logs have only reported minor error events with YouTube. If you continue having issues, send us an email when the issues occur and we can try to intervene in a more timely manner when the issue is occurring:

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