Nightbot hacked or what? This just happened

Not too much to say, just that my girlfriend uses NightBot on her stream and this just happened

Has something like that happened before or is it something new?

Hello, i just responded to you in your reddit thread.

Nightbot has not been hacked. Most likely another mod or such made the command called hi, you can see it here in the command list:

Currently in the beta there is no way to tell who has modified/made commands, it will be coming in the future (there is a spot in the dashboard for it). So tracking down who has done this will be tough, definitely check if anyone has access to the dashboard, as that is the only way to make commands without it being done in chat. If there are no managers check the chat logs for anyone who may have made the command, as it goes back 2 weeks…

To remove it just type in chat !delcom hi

As I said on Reddit as well,
Thank you very much for your fast reply. After posting this I realised that might be the case, and we have already found the one.

Used to be her mod, but was warned for being an asshole and told that he will be unmodded if he keeps doing that. So he vanished for a while and this is how he came back. I am sure there will be reports of him going to Twitch, and I hope this might save someone else from him and maybe the ones like him.

Glad you got it figured out :slight_smile:

Is there a way to see some kind of logs that show, who added and deleted what commands?

Currently there is no log for those events specifically, it will be coming in the future though and you can see the space for it on the left side here:

There are logs in nightbot you can check, though, look at and you can do some searching to see if anything has happened in chat itself. In this case you could search for !commands add or !addcom or the message that the person added as the command response to see if it has shown up within the last two weeks (how long the nightbot logs go back).

This is only useful if the person isn’t set as a manager though. Currently there is no way to keep track of managers doing stuff through the actual site. So just be extra careful about anyone you add to that.

He was only a mod on her twitch channel. We will see what it says on her NightBot page later, after she finishes streaming.

Thank you a lot for your quick responses and Im sorry to bother you guys with such simple things. I just didnt think about the possibility of it being a mod, not NightBot issue.

It is no bother at all. I’m glad we were able to get it figured out, quickly, too :slight_smile:

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