Nightbot Greetings

So I was wondering, how do you make Nightbot ‘‘introduce’’ himself when he joins your stream? I noticed some streamers have Nightbot set that way. For example when he joins he’ll say something ‘‘Hey guys! Im Nightbot and Im a Twitch moderator bot’’ along with a link to his commands panels.

Was that option removed or am I missing something here?

Since the beta Nightbot no longer displays a message when it joins your channel.

Yes as @Stoupedog mentioned there are no longer introduction messages on Nightbot’s join. You can see if he is active in your channel by using any default command such as !commands

Thanks for the answers folks.

Btw instead of making a new thread I’ll ask here. Is it possible to have him say multiple things (medias like FB/Twitter and such) in different lines under 1 command?


Twitter: link
youtube: link
facebook: link

When I try to do it, he just put everything into a big ass message and its not very clean, it looks like

Twitter: link facebook: link youtube: link

Twitch chat does not support text formatting, including line breaks.

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I’ve seen some streamers doing it with Nightbot tho, Trick2g for example.

Trick2g doesn’t use Nightbot. He achieves this effect by added periods after the links in order to space them out on the next line. However due to the different chat sizes everyone has, it often fails.

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