Nightbot gray screen

Every time i start nightbot it only opens up a grey screen , i even launch it with admin rights , i have excluded the .exe and folder from my emsisoft anti malware/anti virus .
I also uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Im not sure what im doing wrong at this point and i think something is up with the application

I have also checked my %appdata% but there aint no folder in there.

having the same problem, myself. was going to download and re-install to see if that fixes it

do we have any updates on this?

No fixes yet? I posted it on twitter and they havent responded.

Deleting the Nightbot folder inside the ‘%appdata%’ folder should resolve this. @wolfbot23 not sure why you wouldnt have that folder, you use Windows correct?

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Deleting the Nightbot folder inside the ‘%appdata%’ folder worked for me, thanks for the assistance

for reference in windows 10 you should be able to find the folder \Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\ you will need to have “show hidden folders enabled”

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