Nightbot Giveaway is not working

There are people active in my stream but the giveaway keeps saying eligible when they are eligible. Is nightbot unstable and not really working, seems like a lot of people are having issues?

What do you mean with this?

Seems to work fine for me. Can you elaborate, on which platform are you streaming? Double check your settings, you might have misconfigured the eligibility of users. Try refreshing the page and not changing any settings.

Not sure where this is based on, I don’t see any recent posts about this issue.

I was trying to do a giveaway with a key word like !win. Everyone in my chat typed !win and none of the users came up eligible. I would click roll it and it would say “none of the users are eligible”

This can have multiple reasons, make sure Nightbot has joined your chat so it can read the entries (
And make sure to double check your configuration of the eligibility of users, refresh to reset those settings.

Thanks seems to be working now. Did a giveaway the other night and wouldn’t work. Also do you have to have nightbot web browser open every time you log into twitch?

Good to hear it works now. You don’t need to have the Nightbot page open when you login at Twitch, you will only need to have the page open for certain features like AutoDJ or while doing Giveaways.

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