Nightbot for youtube

For someone reason I have been having major issues with nightbot on yt. It has worked perfect for twitch. Ive set it as a mod on yt chat and it says it is in it. there is a feed of time outs but I don’t see the message I have set for it. It also misses some comments but not others.

A couple of things you could try checking:

For Spam Protection through Nightbot - Check and make sure the Setting(s) you have Custom Messages on does not have the “Silent” option Checked. Which the “Silent” option Checked it disables the Custom Messages, and is recommended for the more busier Chats so Nightbot is not flooding the Chat with Custom Timeout Messages.

Another possibility - Youtube Profanity Filters is enabled could be a cause of your Custom Message not going through (if that is the Spam Protection you have Enabled on Nightbot) - The reason is because Youtube is already filtering the blocked words.

(I pulled this from Night on a somewhat similar thread)

“The nature of YouTube live chat is “laggy” in general. It’s polling based, which means Nightbot must pull messages from YouTube occasionally to see new messages to act on. At peak hours polling all chats averages around 8 seconds, which means you should see a response from Nightbot in around 10-15 seconds after posting a command. Additionally, for large streams where there are many messages happening at once, Nightbot must poll multiple times to retrieve all the messages over the request limit (which can tack on significant delay, minutes possibly).”

Which could explain the issues with some of the messages not being Filtered…

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