Nightbot "followage" URLs not working

I know how to set a Nightbot “followage” command, but it is not working. I’ve tried so many links in my commands, but when I finally add the command, a space gets inserted between the “=” and “$(touser)” so it does not work. Why is this happening?

Post the command you’re trying to add pleaserinos

!editcom !followage $(touser) has been following Slysssa for $(customapi$(touser))

Well it’s “addcom” but I’ve tried editing it multiple times

That API doesn’t work for starters, the link times out :^)

I tried it in my own channel, but I don’t stream. If I put it in the streamer’s actual stream, it won’t separate the “=” and the “$(touser)”???

That wouldn’t matter with that API, the link doesn’t work in the first place, have you tried opening the link in your browser?

Just tried it. It doesn’t work. Do you have a working one I can use?

I’ve tried 4 or 5 of them. All result in the same problem.

!addcom !followage $(touser) has been following $(channel) for $(customapi$(channel)&user=$(touser))

Do I still have to add the channel name within the parentheses where “channel” is written?

Nope, $(channel) is a nightbot variable

SO I tried it again in my chat (I don’t stream, but I have Nightbot set up), and it added a space between “channel=” and “$(channel)”. Is this guaranteed to work in a stream with a lot of followers?

I just joined your channel, I can’t replicate it in my own so I’m curious as to whats going on here, could you show me editing the command again.

So the link gets fragmented, essentially. I’m on a laptop, so it’s not a problem with Mobile.

Copy and Paste this into your Twitch chat. There is no changing of information required.
!commands add !followage $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel))


!followage Test_User
Test_User has been following Aaron128l since 13-08-2016 08:34:21

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