Nightbot filters for Discord

Anytime in the future that you guys can add filters to Nightbot for discord? Like some servers add roles like Timeout and Mute to their servers, we can set up how long and what role to place them in and it will only effect these in their discord server. Just a thought to take care of high traffic situations going on in the discord server if the mods are unable to get to these things in time. Since most discord bots are not automatic, it would be nice to have things automatic if to much stuff is happening in the discord server.

Nightbot doesn’t currently support muting or timeouts on Discord, sorry. While it will remove nefarious content it won’t be able to punish users.

I think you kind of missed what I said, but alright.

It’s not likely to be added anytime soon, is probably the answer you were looking for.

Yeah, that is much better of an answer.

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