Nightbot Event Log question/Suggestion

So in the event log on Nightbot it says when nightbot warns someone and when a moderator purges someone. Is it supposed to say who timed out/banned who? If not I think that would be a very useful tool because I know a lot of streamers have problems with moderators and random timing out!

To my knowledge (don’t quote me), when someone gets timed out in a channel Twitch doesn’t give who did the action publicly. Exceptions are the ban list in the options menu. Because of this, there is no log for who someone gets timed out by.

Although, whenever a moderator does the !purge command, that will show in the Nightbot event log.

On another note, the streamer appoints mods to their standards. So there shouldn’t be any problem with the “moderation responsibly”.

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Thank you, Noted! :slight_smile:

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