NightBot don't work

Nightbot is in my Twitch channel room it’s moderator of the room and it’s not banned but any commands or timers works. (sorry for my english guys)


yes me too the nightbot don’t workon my channels

On my dashboard it dosent show who has talked the most or the most used commands… the commands are there but i dont know why its borke

ya same here, he was working fine yesterday now all of a sudden he’s just like
"I see you commanding, but i give zero shits"

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It is being looked into currently.

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Ah nice i hope they will fix it quick :wink:

Ok it’s back thaks guys :wink:

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i have the same issues with m nightbot, i have him joined my chat and it said he joined but doesn’t appear on my stream and i have him modded and not banned. Need help!!!

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