Nightbot don't leave the Channel


I want, that Nightbot leave my Channel but he don’t do this. I have Nightbot disconnected from the Dashboard and in the Twitch-Settings. I have withdraw the Mod-Rights and have Nightbot banned from my Channel but he don’t leave. What can I do?


Sorry that’s issue we’re trying to track down, in the meantime I’ve removed Nightbot from your stream.

I have streamed today on Twitch and hardly I was live on Twitch, Nightbot is coming back to my Channel as a Viewer. I mean, whats wrong with Nightbot? Is he stalking me?

If it’s not responding in chat then it is not in your channel… it being in the viewer list is a result of you joining it once. It will eventually disappear at an indeterminate date, but may be a while.

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