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Nightbot doesnt time-out youtube links


Hello Devs,

Just came across and issue:

  • nightbot doesnt time-out youtube links, but every other link like its supposed to
  • no whitelist set
  • putting something in the whitelist, saving, removing it and saving again doesn’t help
  • changing the exempt level also doesnt work
  • channel is Athena

So basically no matter what setting, nightbot doesnt remove youtube links…
I added it to blacklisted phrases as a workaround, but its still annoying and probably a bug



You probably have AutoDJ enabled for Song Requests. YouTube links are auto whitelisted so users can request songs. Disabling AutoDJ should fix this.


oh damn you are right, thank you for the quick help!
tested it and it works now.

EDIT: I dont know how to close this… can you close it?

closed #4