Nightbot Doesn't Sync Roles on Discord

Hi everyone!

I just started streaming a week ago and I’m still working on setting up all the amazing tools around.
I’m using the Regular role on my stream and would like it to sync to Discord as well.

The bot is here with all the admin rights (on Discord) same on Twitch. But it doesn’t sync anything…
I read the previous post about this issue but there was no solution given apparently.

A little bit of help would be appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Have you enabled role syncing on the integrations page? The regular role has generally worked fine, with some slight issues around the twitch moderators.

The integration settings should look something like this, with role syncing enabled.

Hi Slikrick and thank you for taking the time to answer!

And yes I did enabled role syncing I wanted to include screenshots but new members can’t do that I’ll try with a link to the screenshot

Here and here

Discord permissions are a little weird, since they work as a hierarchy. Try moving the nightbot role above the roles he is intended to be giving to users. So above mods in this case.

Ok thanks a lot I’ll try that and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Hi Slikrick,

After some changes as you can see here it did give the right role to one person. I changed the roles manually and the bot reversed them to default as you can see here:

Also the bot has the Mod color (orange when it’s supposed to be grey) in the member list. Does this have to do with anything? Not sure just trying to give as many details as possible.

Hmm, are the people not getting the roles properly connected between discord and twitch? And yea, nightbot will remove roles from people who don’t have them on twitch (i don’t know if it ignores people who don’t have twitch connected, it probably should).

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