Nightbot doesnt show up on my streams

for some reason when i add night bot to moderators it says hes their but then when i start a stream and do the commands nothing comes up on the stream chat. Yes it is public and not unlisted or private. Please help

It can take Nightbot up to 5 minutes to join your public stream once it is live as long as you’ve joined Nightbot to your chat from the control panel and have modded it in chat.

Sorry guys, but i have a problem as well…i add nightbot as mod to my channel but when i try to log to , i need to log in as youtube and there i see only twich…how can i log in into youtube??? thanks and i will keep my eyes on this post…thanks

Try viewing the page in incognito mode or disabling any extensions that might attempt to block elements on a page.

haha…worked in incognito…thanks

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