Nightbot doesn't seem to sync Twitch Mods w/ Discord Automatically

For some reason Nightbot has yet to promote someone on my discord server to the associated moderator role. Even the Nightbot Role on Discord has priority over the moderation role and it has the Administrator privilege. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Double check that the user has linked their Twitch account to their Discord profile and that role syncing is enabled in the integration settings.

The user in question does in-fact have their Twitch account associated with their Discord account. Also the role syncing checkbox is marked as true within the integration settings.

Another thing about Nightbot is that it would promote itself to a moderator in my Discord server, since it is a moderator in my Twitch channel. I manually removed its moderator role in my Discord server to see if it would add the moderator role to itself. It has been two days and it has yet to do that.

Are there requirements to how active a server has to be for Nightbot to do actions, or is this a newfound problem?

EDIT: The problem still proceeds.

EDIT 2: The problem fixed itself when the user in question re-associated their twitch account back to discord again.

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