Nightbot doesn't detect blacklisted words within sentence in Discord

Nightbot only deletes blacklisted words when it is typed as a singular entry in Discord.

For example, assume apple* is a blacklisted word

Someone types “apples”, their post gets deleted and nightbot posts the custom message I have setup.

So it seems to be working there, but then someone types “I want an apple” or “That is way too many apples” and there is no filtering and nightbot remains silent.

This is not how it works in Twitch chat, obviously, but what I guess I don’t know is this just by design and a limitation of how discord works, or should it be detecting and deleting within sentences in Discord?

I’m not sure what else to try and didn’t see any other problem similar to this one.


If you have apple* on your blacklist, then a message must lead with “apple” for it to be filtered. To filter all messages with “apple” located anywhere within them, you should use *apple*

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Thank you so much! I tried that out and the problem is now fixed.

I was not aware nightbot worked that way with the * on as a prefix. It all makes so much sense now :smile:

Thanks so much for the fast and informative response.

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