Nightbot does not answer

Hi, I wanted to know why it does not work for me to add commands from the chat, neither addcom nor! Command add, I do not know what the problem is, I have already tried to unlock and re-login


Did you double check on all these?

  1. Nightbot isn’t banned.
  2. Nightbot isn’t ignored.
  3. Nightbot is joined to your channel: Click “Join Channel”
  4. Nightbot is modded.
  5. You have the default commands at enabled.
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I’ve already tried all that, but nothing … the commands are already working but if you want to add no … and I do not want another bot that is not the NightBot haha, thank you very much for your time

Try to go out the stream page and enter back btw can this be the last reply

Are you doing !command add or !commands add when trying to manually make a command?

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