NightBot Docs Outdated?

Please correct me if I’m just confused, but I’m a new mod and the NightBot docs seem to be out of date.

Example: !commands - Nightbot Docs

This link indicates that the following would add a new custom command:

!commands add !command_name command response

It turns out that doesn’t work, but this does:

!addcom !command_name command response

I’m trying not to rely too much on other mods to teach me the basics, but I’m struggling to self-teach with these docs. Please help correct me or point me to updated docs if I’ve missed them.

Thank you!

The docs are 100% correct. The latter command is a legacy command, and you should not be using it.

Wow… I’m a fool. I swear I typed this in exactly and it did NOTHING (I even tried it again at the time in case of typos) and the second one worked.

I’m so sorry; I just tested again and it works fine.

Thank you so much for the quick reply!

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