Nightbot DJ & xSplit

Hey there.

Ok so, I downloaded the Nightbot application (I also tried using the web application, pretty much the same results)

Connecting Spotify, requesting songs, and all the related ‘’!song’’ commands are working perfectly in chat.

My only issue is that xSplit doesn’t detect the music from Nightbot. After digging on google, I found that an older version of Nightbot had downloadable files for xSplit (I guess those were the files that connected Nightbot to xSplit?) But I can’t find them on Nightbot or the website (That could just be me being durp)

So I don’t know what im missing here…

tl;dr: How do you make xSplit detect the music coming from Nightbot so it can be played on Twitch.


As long as you’re streaming on the same computer as the Nightbot app is running, XSplit should just detect it as desktop audio. If it is not, then you should reach out to XSplit support as something may be misconfigured in XSplit.

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