Nightbot Discord not looking up League regions

Hey so I added the Nightbot to my discord channel and was getting it set up. I noticed however that when I tried to have it list the summoner name and rank of the person listed that it was not reading whatever it was that I input for the region. I tested it first on my own account, and then I tested a foreign pro player’s account and both of the regions were listed as invalid despite both of them being listed as available regions. Anyone have any tips?

Do you have an example of a valid summoner account and the region tied to them? It would help with testing and looking into the issue.

One of the ones I tried was “!rank $(leagueoflegends C9_Sneaky na)” and “!rank $(leagueoflegends C9 Sneaky na)” for example in case the space was needed. The only issue that was indicated to me was “Invalid region specified. Available regions: euw,br,eune,kr,lan,las,na,oce,ru,tr”.