Nightbot Discord modding per channel?

Is it possible to use Nightbot link filter per channel only?
it seems like it filters the entire server so I wonder if it’s possible for it
to only mod 1 channel or at least filter specified channels on Discord.

You can manage which channels Nightbot is able to post/moderate in through discord permissions, the same way as you would for any other user.

I figured that out somehow, but the problem is I want nightbot to block youtube in a channel and allow it on other channels while still filtering other links, is that even possible?
and no I’m not talking about Nightmod being on a certain channel anymore, I want him to be on in a channel and filter at the same time.

If i am understanding right what you want is not possible, yes. Nightbot can’t do that specific of channel filters. The filters are server wide and then can be turned on and off in channels individually.

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