Nightbot Discord Integration YouTube Sub

I have Auto-Sync setup for Discord Integration and it doesn’t seem to be updating the roles for the YouTube subscribers in Discord. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

Also does the Sync only occur during livestreams? Does the user have to be on the Discord server?

I may be wrong on this, but i dont believe nightbot auto-sync’s youtube gaming subs. I’m not entirely sure, because it has always been that Discord handles the auto-sync of partnered twitch and youtube gaming subs. And so normally nightbot doesn’t auto sync subs, mostly regulars and moderators. Also twitch subscribers (the ones nightbot is mostly used for) are different from YTG

If it were to work then the users would need to have their discord account synced to their youtubegaming account.

No, it wouldn’t. The sync on discord would normally happen all the time.

Yes, the user has to be on the discord server to be synced. Nightbot can’t sync users who don’t exist in the scope of that server.

Edit after testing: Okay, so my original suspicions are correct and it will not sync Subscribers. I believe this is due to the difference in subscribers between Twitch and YTG. Twitch subscribers are paid users held above just everyone in chat, but in YTG subscribing is essentially just a follow, which nightbot does not do anything special for.

I don’t know exactly if/how the subscriber role would come into play with nightbot on YTG, but the normal subscription is not considered the same. Moderators and Regulars are synced properly though.

Thanks for testing that out. To clarify I meant do they literally have to be “online” in the server for the role to be updated. Looks like I’ll have to code up my own app to make automagic role updates for YT subs :wink:

I know how to get the YT side… Just need to work with the Discord side!

Nightbot does not sync subscribers or followers from YouTube or Twitch, sorry. It only will sync your YouTube/Twitch moderators and Nightbot regulars to a role… It’s not feasible to sync subscribers and followers because there can be thousands of names, which is not scalable.

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