Nightbot discord integration problem

Hello, so I’m a admin in a decent size discord and I’m trying to set it up so if people follow our twitch it auto assigns a certain role. I know they have to their twitch accounts linked to their discord in order for it to work which is fine. The problem I’m encountering is, since the role we have under the moderator role(nightbot) is the Lead admin role(the role I have) nightbot will auto assign itself that role. Is their a way around this?

Edit: Or is there a way I can just have the moderator role section empty? (in nightbot)

Ok, I managed to just make a role called twitch mod and it worked.

The problem I’m having now is a few people got the role for regulars removed(in discord). They are following the channel, so why exactly did it remove the role? Is there something else they have to do in order receive the role or be considered a regular by nightbot? Like typing in the chat at least once? It’s the only thing I can come up with. I’ve been researching and I can’t seem to find an answer.

Edit: I should mention I previously added the role to some people manually before having nightbot do it for me.

Regulars are not followers, only moderators and broadcasters can add regulars to Nightbot, it isn’t auto assigned. Due to the instability of followers in streaming services, there is no such ‘following’ role in Nightbot.

It should be noted that Nightbot gives itself a “Nightbot” role in Discord, you don’t need to assign it any other role (if you so choose).

So why did it remove the role from only 5 people? Everyone else kept their role. Does that mean only those 5 people have never said anything in the chat?

Edit: Btw nightbot does assign itself whatever the moderator role is. Aside from it’s nightbot role.

Because you have role syncing enabled, you give Nightbot the ability to remove roles. If you happened to add people as regulars Nightbot might remove them if they aren’t seen as regulars. (They also need their account linked and their name in your Regulars list.)

Also you are correct since Nightbot is modded in your steam he will be granted the moderator role, my mistake.

They do have their accounts linked. and there is no one added to regular, yet a ton of people kept the role I selected for “regulars”. I don’t understand why nightbot didn’t remove everyones “regular” role from discord since I have nobody on the regulars list.

Are you still experiencing this issue? I would imagine there was an error during the initial sync, so not all regulars were removed. Assuming it’s not a permissions configuration error it should have resolved itself in a following sync.

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