Nightbot Discord Blacklisting Confusion

Hello. I have a discord server with Nightbot currently in it. The problem is, everything seems to be working with the spam protection minus one thing. Blacklisting Curse words. I do not know what I did wrong, but whenever I post one of the said words that are blacklisted, Nightbot just kinda leaves it there. It doesn’t filter it with the Duke Nukem quote, etc. So to the point, I have several problems.

  1. How do I filter multiple words instead of just one?
  2. How do you block words with the *? I do not understand it.
  3. How exactly does the role things work? (ex. Owner, Regulars, etc.) I get that Nightbot is mainly for streaming but i’m still confused.

Thanks for your help if you contributed,

In order:

  1. You can enter a new word on per line.

  2. * is a wildcard. So for example play* will block -> play, player, plays.

  3. Userlevels are used to define different groups of users. The roles follow a hierarchy where each role is greater than the one below it. Using this you can filter on who is exempt from your filters.

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The issue im having, is when i put, for example, test* in the box, for discord, it doesn’t work.

Here’s an example. Ill put the word(s) in as shown (see photo A) Then for some reason, in discord, Nightbot does not respond to it at all. (see photo B)

That last reply didn’t solve my previous problem. Can someone please help me out?

Photo A:
Photo/GIF B:

Nightbot doesn’t remove messages from the owner… Also if the exempt userlevel is ‘moderator’ then none of the moderators messages will be deleted.

Alright, I got it, thanks :smiley:

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