Nightbot didnt work (YouTube)


my nightbot didnt work for me and i dont know why. Links delete the bot but nothing else.
if i command like !Commands or other default or custom commants it didnt work.

On Twitch it work but not on YouTube can someone help me ?
Its really sad with 300-400 viewer to stream without nightbot my mods cant handle it ^^

All Nightbot can be configured on the dashboard. Your stream must be live and public in order for nightbot to join it.

it didnt work if i am live, btw a friend test his Nightbot on YouTube and it works when he is off.

I set all of default and it didnt work. Same for Custom Commands.

Its just dosn´t work for my first Channel, i test it on my second channel and its fine…

Nightbot will only join your stream when you’re live or when you manually join it from the control panel (for the latter case it will leave within 30 minutes of inactivity).

If it’s not responding, you either need to give it moderator status or unban it from your chat.

I guess u dont read the Thread.

I say Nightbot is in my Channel but he don´t accepted anything no commands no timers.
He just delete Links and delete Caps thats it.

If Nightbot is not responding it’s because it’s not able to for some reason or another. In some cases it’s due to YouTube’s spam filtering. In other cases it’s a misconfiguration of Nightbot on your end. If Nightbot is reacting to chat messages then it’s not an issue on our end.