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Nightbot didn't work with my name

I can’t join Nightbot “giveaway” because I type my name and it didn’t trig so I have no chance for the “giveaway”

Hey @1_dragonesis1!

I don’t think you understand how giveaways work, please read the documentation and take the time to crosscheck with the giveaways page, once you have a clearer idea of how it works, and if you still have an issue, please ask your question, but for now what you said just doesn’t make any sense.

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you can check my twitch username (1__dragonesis1)
that’s all I can say about the “bug”. I wish it will fix soon.

Are you the one hosting the giveaway because off so you cannot show up on your own giveaway.

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No. I am a participant.

Are you sure you were supposed to type your user name to enter the giveaway?

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I’m sorry. type keyword. You don’t think it’s a bug??

Okay, so you typed the right keyword to enter the giveaway, but how come you know you didn’t enter it if you’re a participant?

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I can see it. I type the keyword and the Blue dot didn’t trig.

Had you won a giveaway previously?

How come you see it? This isn’t something that’s publicly available when you join a giveaway as a participant, unless the streamer shares it on stream.

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yes. sometimes I won

The streamer shares it on stream.

Well if you win then doesn’t that mean it works? I think if a user just won a giveaway they can’t be entered again immediately after.

It doesn’t work sometimes not every time. It won’t work for me when the flood of the keyword.