Nightbot deleting YouTube chats that don't contain blacklisted terms

I’m doing initial testing with Nightbot and have found that if a user sends a few chats that don’t have a blacklisted term, but then follows those with a chat that does contain a blacklisted term, all of their chats get removed on YouTube.

Is this normal? I have all Commands disabled and the only enabled Spam Protection filter is “Blacklist Words/Phrases”. I only want to prevent the use of blacklisted terms and am not trying to time someone out or block them for sending multiple messages if they don’t have the blacklisted terms in those messages.

Nightbot cannot simply prevent the use of blacklisted terms, since it does not have control over the exact messages users send. Nightbot is a reactive chat moderation solution, which means it will remove the offending content when it is detected. Issuing a timeout/purge clears all of a user’s chat, which is a YouTube limitation (not something we can fix).

Thanks for the info. So basically when using Nightbot to moderate for things like blacklisted terms, users that use those terms may experience a timeout/purge that affects all of their chat activity during that particular live stream. Is that correct?

It would affect all chat activity they’ve previously posted.

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